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Have you created a real financial plan?

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Our Story

It has been my commitment since I first got into the financial services industry in 2001 to deliver the level of service that I would want for my myself, that I would be proud to offer my family and friends, and that I feel all people deserve. In order to do that, I realized I needed a team to help provide all of the essential elements for genuine financial planning and disciplined investment strategies. I created Elevon Wealth Management to fulfill this vision.

Ian Rosenfield was recognized by Forbes and SHOOK Research as Best-in-State Wealth Advisors 2020 & 2021

I need a real financial plan.

The first step in the journey is creating the vision of where you are trying to go. By developing an accurate plan based on the specifics of your situation, the changes of actually arriving at your desired destination increase exponentially.

I need help with my plan.

What course are you taking to arrive at your destination? Are you sure you are headed in the right direction? Much like a plane that is just one degree off compass will find itself hundreds of miles off course, doesn't it make sense to monitor your progress along the way to make sure you are still on the right path?

I need a real financial advisor.

What happens if something unforeseen happens? Is there a plan to adjust your portfolio to help ensure you arrive safely at your destination? Thomas Edison said, "Vision without execution is hallucination." We make adjustments as needed depending on shifting market conditions or changes in your life.

Do you have a team working by your side to help you create, monitor, and adjust your plan?

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